There’s no season like the Fall

12/1/2013 - Rachel Ann Cauilan

There’s no season like the Fall.

And here’s to a grumpy Rachel who mopes leaving home. See you in 2 weeks, lovely NorCal… You are the place I remember who I am, what I’ve grown up on, and how far I have come.


4 responses to “There’s no season like the Fall

  1. I love this picture. It accurately describes your words. You are lovely, even in your “grumpiness.” Home is everywhere. It stays with you even when you are gone.

    • Awww, your words are so comforting to me right now. Thank you so much… :’) That really means a lot. It’s true–I’ve alwaya believed home is with the people you love. “Home is wherever I am with you…”

      • Sometimes we think we miss a place, but it’s really just the people. And if you miss them, let them know. Because it’ll make you stronger and enjoy your time away from them.
        And I agree. Home is a feeling, never a place! ❤

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