Dia Frampton covers “Love Me Again” by John Newman in midst of recording new album

Dia Frampton – Love Me Again (John Newman Cover)

Who hasn’t missed that raspiness? The breathiness? That captivating quality in her vocals?

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any new material from Dia Frampton as she’s been busy recording for her next album in 2014. It’s definitely an exciting period since we haven’t heard any of her new material since she was runner-up of The Voice Season 1 and released her solo album in December of 2011.

I haven’t heard this song before, but the powerful thing I’ve always admired about Dia was the way she is able to wring out the lyrics, focusing on the songwriting and meaning of a song. Her vocal styling really brings out something special in a song. And, for this home-recording done in her room, there’s an air of rawness in this that old fans have always loved.


3 responses to “Dia Frampton covers “Love Me Again” by John Newman in midst of recording new album

  1. yes. i just. yes.
    i loved dia on the voice. she may not have “an amazing vocal range” but she brought such emotion and such powerful rawness or “soul” to her performance that you couldn’t help but adore her.
    she seemed so cute, a school teacher, and then when she was on stage she brought such presence…it was amazing.

    so glad you posted this. i forgot how much i adored her!


    • Haha, of course! I’ve been following her music since I was 13… About 8 years now. It was a strange experience to see her on that show. What was weird is that she wasn’t even a schoolteacher and just hobby wrote books… They didn’t even mention her past decade’s worth involvement in music! But glad to have reminded you! 🙂

      • I guess it was easier for America to see her as a school teacher…silly!

        I’ll definitely have to check out her music now…so much to explore…thanks!

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