ZZ Ward takes it slow with reimagining John Legend’s “Ordinary People”

ZZ Ward – Ordinary People (John Legend Cover)

This song is just classic ZZ Ward. As the angsty blue-eyed-soul with an edge, ZZ reimagines the classic John Legend “Ordinary People” by adding her own touch on The GRAMMYs’ ReImagined Performances. Accompanied by her acoustic guitar, she’s backed by percussion and a secondary guitarist. She still holds a lot of the classic blues rhythm noteworthy to the song, but it has an extra “kick” and “punch” with twangy guitar licks and a slightly more upbeat percussive element. Her voice is truly what draws you in, however, as this song suits her voice charmingly.

Although I adore ZZ Ward for her bluesy-rock and angsty pop anthems, this is something a little softer that still stays true to her element. If you don’t know who ZZ is yet, you’re missing out because she’s such a prevalent up-and-coming force for the return of real blues and rock into the mainstream. She’s even more of a treat to witness live, because she truly brings the glitz and the glam to the dirty and nasty tongue-in-cheek blues scene.

Brava, woman!


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