An Acoustic Take of Zedd’s “Clarity” and Growing Backbone in College

Gelline Ibarrola & Rachel Ann Cauilan – Clarity (Zedd Cover)

Is midterm season bogging you down?

Have no fear! Listen to my lovely and talented friend Gelline and I take on an acoustic version of Zedd’s “Clarity”.

Also, towards the end, you can catch Gelline attempting to “scat”. How can you miss out on that?!

Have a lovely day, folks.

As I’ve been recently coming to realize, always remember that when the going gets tough, you should always remember that this time and moment is just a phase in our lives. As college may often feel as if it is cheating us of our time, remember that we are still young. The time and money may feel as if it was wasted, but if you allow yourself to grow and change and learn and remain open-minded to the things around you, you will grow some backbone, learn and grow more comfortable within yourself, and realize that you grew into your character throughout this time.

When all your life has been planned, structured, and mapped out for you, the scariest but most exciting part is when you find yourself having the time to do whatever it is you want with your time.

Take advantage of the time and opportunities placed in front of you. But never lose sight of your true goals and passions.

The curiosity will always hunt you down.


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