3 things you can do this Valentine’s Day


Image Source: “Hold My Heart,” Helga Weber

So, Valentine’s Day is coming up. And here comes the annual influx of single’s awareness posts mocking the hermit-like behavior of chomping ice cream, buying yourself chocolates, watching cheesy chick flicks or crying your lonely self to sleep.

As much as I find this whiney behavior appalling, I often feel the need to sympathize with these people because I am a single person myself, and who wouldn’t think it be nice to share these lovey-dovey moments with a special someone?

But, as I’ve always been single during Valentine’s, I’ve found that I’ve never lamented the day. In fact, I actually get excited for Valentine’s Day! The red roses people are sent to work, the mysterious Valentine’s Day notes, the chocolates, the red white and pink balloons and festive spirit of love in the air. You can feel the love all around you. It’s the one day in the year when you can realize, share and spread love with no questions asked. It’s infectious. How can you not get in the spirit too?!

Whether you’re loving yourself, your spouse, your friends, lover or mother, love is a shared feeling. And while it’s so easy to let yourself fall into the pitiful fate of lamenting the day, remember you still have time to devise a plan against it.

I decided to compile a little list of the three options you should take this Valentine’s Day. Do with it what you will.

1. Give love to someone else.

There’s something so precious about the feeling of sending others your love. Whether you are showing a special someone how much you care about them, or even just showing the people around you how much you appreciate them, love can be shown in so many different ways. From grand gestures to small acts of kindness, you’d be surprised how appreciative some people may be. Who knows how doubtful someone may be of their relationship with you? How about that person who never really knew how much you actually care? Or what about that person who never felt loved, appreciated, or even noticed by anyone around them? You have the ability to brighten someone’s day today. Go for it.

2. Give love to yourself.

I’ve always been an advocate for self-love, as it becomes so easy to forget to take the time to care for ourselves. More often than not, we get caught up in our own work, home, social and personal lives, and it becomes hard to love others and be our best selves when we can’t even love ourselves in the first place. So, take the time to indulge in yourself, your cravings, your passions, your dreams and loves, and don’t be afraid to selfishly take some time to yourself. Find what it is that brings you clarity of mind and self. Only then can you move on in the world.

3. Feel the love already around you.

Why worry about the love you should give to others or to yourself, when there is already so much love around you? Our lives run on human connection and feelings of belonging to something, someone, or some people that, once you realize just how blessed you are to have the things that bring you moments of joy, bliss, happiness or comfort to your life, you are feeling love. As I have always been someone who had a hard time loving herself, reciprocating love or showing love, I may forget just how much love I already have in my life. It’s too easy to take the smaller things in life for granted so, as the saying goes, take the time to stop and smell the roses. There is love all around you. Feel it, and be open to it.

Even if you do find yourself alone this Valentine’s Day, try to make it an enjoyable one. Let this day be a reminder that every day could be a Valentine’s Day, if you allow it.

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!


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