A Weekend of Positivity and Love

Because the “selfie” is an expression of the emerging self-confidence.

To find the Simple Joys on Valentine’s Day,
To remember myself as a Leader in my Culture,
To embrace the Blessings and Relationships around me.

As the middle of the college quarter weighs heavily on our conscience this slow winter, it only becomes natural to become heavy-hearted while falling behind and losing sleep. The responsibilities and obligations you hold as someone who may have taken on a bit too much at this time may become overwhelming.

Meetings upon meetings upon practices upon appointments all while squeezing in class time, a couple snoozes, and a good meal in-between becomes a chore. You begin to admit to yourself you have become a “slave to the system,” but you still follow anyway.

And then comes that chance moment. That chance conversation. That moment with a friend who reminds you of how much people love to be around you. That chance Valentine’s “singing gram”. That chance after-midnight food-run with weary-eyed friends. That chance friend who nonchalantly barges into your room, only to entertain you. That chance musical moment in which you don’t feel entirely attune, but still enjoy the moment. That chance meeting at midnight where you are showered in roses and chocolates and everything you love about Valentine’s. That chance discussion and introduction to inspiring figures who challenge your integrity and cultural upbringing. That chance moment of bliss while perusing the locals and appreciating the small things. That chance opportunity to drive out and become intimate with a location that intrigues you… Those chance moments that just happen–to remind you of the love all around you, for you, and even the ones that may annoy you.

It may have been a weekend of plans becoming a weekend without, all to have become planned once again, but, the choice to choose what you do with it and how you felt, responded, and experienced it was all up to you. To choose love and choice is liberating.

So, for all who may be responsible: Thank you for the wonderful, much-needed, much-loved, and very in-tune-to-myself weekend. It’s felt like months since I’ve been able to have a “free” weekend to myself, and it felt too good… especially to laugh again, to smile again, and to feel genuine “down-time.”

Because sometimes I feel that my positivity is going to kill me someday. But, then I remember a time when I wasn’t so positive—when angst and cynicism crept up on me. And then I find that it’s better to embrace the love I never gave to myself, or was too shy to give to myself, in my young life.


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