SoBeCa’s Orange County Hipsters: A Photo Essay


The SoBeCa District, a set on Flickr.

In the midst of Orange County’s largely suburban and perfectly planted greenery lies the SoBeCa (South On Bristol Entertainment Culture Arts) District’s specialty retail projects, the LAB and the CAMP. Featuring a green environment with youth culture, arts and healthy dining, this indoor-outdoor environment provides a glimpse into an underground yet emerging modern culture, supporting small businesses and local favorites. Just across the street from each other, these two projects serve the well-off individuals of the OC who seek solace, solitude and a sense of individuality. Taken during Valentine’s/President’s Day weekend, these photos capture the ease, optimism and cleanliness of Orange County’s hip culture.

View all of my photos/outtakes from this photo essay on Facebook: 2014 Feb 16/17: SoBeCa District (The LAB “Antimall”, The CAMP)

P.S. And to think these photos were taken on an iPod camera? Choosing just 6-8 photos to tell a story of your subject is quite a challenge!


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