Cassadee Pope is sweet in her video “I Wish I Could Break Your Heart”

Cassadee Pope – “I Wish I Could Break Your Heart”

Country-pop artist Cassadee Pope is probably The Voice‘s biggest success story, as the Season 3 champ reigns in a new video for her anthem “I Wish I Could Break Your Heart,” atop a Top 10 album for Frame by Frame and Top 40 single.

“It’s a positive song but its kind of got this snarky, interesting negative side,” she tells “It’s not make or break. It’s not a heartbroken song where the world’s going to end but it’s a song about loving somebody.”

Since releasing her debut single and video “Wasting All These Tears” in the early summer of 2013, Cassadee has kept her drive forward through opening for last year’s Rascal Flatts Live & Loud Tour, upholding a slate of solo acoustic radio shows and continuing to play for the Canadian crowd this winter.

“You just wish that that other person would feel a little more and you wish that you could almost make them cry, just to know that you have that power over them,” she notes of her song. “But, it’s overall a very happy song. I love the silly, playful undertone that that song has.”

Infamous for her ability to convey emotion through her voice, Pope’s want, desire and familiar weakness when in love is greatly felt in the song–almost like a heartfelt plea for help.

As the 24-year-old sings, “Well the truth is that I never ever wanna hurt you, baby / But it’d be nice to know that I could,” the song grows in sweetness behind the intensity of electric guitar riffs and twangy steel guitars.

Although I’m not a fan of overly-done, high-production quality videos, the video is sweet. I feel like it could have done the song so much more justice through telling the song through a story-like narrative. However, showing Cassadee’s obvious beaut and dreamlike essence through wispy, ethereal lens and soft lighting is nice, too. Props towards the end of the video, however, for allowing Cassadee to be her best self through showing herself losing herself performing to the song. If there’s one thing I’ve loved about Cassadee the most, it is her ability to perform and let loose to a song.


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