Dia Frampton pairs up with house-artist tyDi in video of love and loss for “Stay”

tyDi – Stay (Feat. Dia Frampton)

Paired with International Dance Music Award (IDMA) award-winning artist tyDi, Dia Frampton lends her folky-pop tunes to the electronic dance-music world with “Stay.”

Although a bit new for both artists, Dia Frampton, whose long-running career spans from fronting pop-rock turned folk-rock band Meg & Dia to later as runner-up of Season 1 of The Voice, feels very much in her element with this song.

As her growth throughout the years along with her ventures into solo-recording has revealed much of her bubbly personality with hints of heartfelt pain and sweetness, the song, with similarities comparative to house-artist Avicii, is indefinitely sweet and catchy.

The electronic rhythm and beats seem to accompany the rhythmic guitar-playing well, as it boasts in volume when the song picks up in its chorus and let’s itself go–sweetly–through its breaks. Dia’s communal hand-clapping and crooning folky ad-libs are still highlighted through the verses and later in the bridge as the song succeeds in a sweet and nostalgic tale of love and loss.

The video, as well, features beautiful imagery with softly-lit sceneries–though, I can’t help but not ignore its utter “cliché-ness.”

The soft folky feel of the song lends itself too easily to natural cinematography of earthy fields, rivers and trees with individuals inhabiting empty spaces. Also, the personal add-ins of a couple talking with each other remain a bit fuzzy and irrelevant. I dare not to be too critical, however, since I find that the song is an easy listen and becomes more catchy the more you listen to it (and, I have been a long-time Frampton fan as well).

I forgive the song for its utter sweetness and heartache, common to Frampton; though, I personally do not find many “stand-out” qualities in the song nor video, except that it does lend itself to a greater crowd within the emerging electronic-music world. It’s great to listen to, and who doesn’t appreciate some experimentation while still staying true to yourself as an artist?


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