Scarlett Johansson gets “Under the Skin” in new creepy and seductive trailer

Under the Skin (2014) – Official Movie Trailer
Starring: Scarlett Johansson

Most recently charming us with her latest bodiless yet endearing performance in Spike Jonze’s Her, now comes an utterly creepy choice for Johansson in Under the Skin.

Yet, I cannot seem to constantly be impressed by what Johansson has been able to pull out.

It’s safe to say that she has become one of my most favorite Hollywood stars as of late, as she comes from a place of raw passion and talent for what she does, while also embracing her sensitivity and quietude. (Her effortless presence in Lost In Translation? Her jazzy, musical muse working with musicians like Pete Yorn? Her statement on modern womanhood and sex-hood in Don Jon? And what for her pure charm, talent and brilliance in Her?)

I could gush on and on about her, but to see her taking a new route in this film, brooding as some unearthly creature who preys “under the skin” of frail men with her seductiveness and sex appeal–as there’s something about turning seductiveness and charm on its head to take revenge, and perhaps creating a statement for yourself–that is pretty intriguing.

This one will be interesting (and creepy), for sure. And from the looks of its trailer, it’s eerie enough to get under your skin which, I feel, can stick.

I love these sick and dark story lines that still deliver a bit of heart and emotion; it all stems from her character’s insecurity “as she trembles somewhere between dispassion and growing awareness that she might be missing out on something” (HuffPost UK).

I’m excited for this one.


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