Upcoming Interview: Kina Grannis and my Sleepy Foot


Photo credit: Brendan Yu

Oh my goodness. Currently listening to my voice memos to transcribe my interviews last night and I want to DIE of laughter. Feat. Kina Grannis

Me: “Can I actually get a quick photo? … Oh wait let me put this down.”
[Puts junk down.]
Me: “Oh my foot fell asleep! Oh that’s so awkward!”
Kina: “Oh that’s the worst.”
Me: “Oh my god, I can’t even stand.”
Kina: [Laughs] “You can prop yourself up on me.”
Me: [Struggling] “I’m sorry!”
Kina: [Laughs] “That’s the worst. Are you good? Don’t fall over. I’ll catch you if you fall.”



3 responses to “Upcoming Interview: Kina Grannis and my Sleepy Foot

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