Feel-good Soul/Hip-hop Band Elevaters releases new album “Come Alive,” reminiscent of Daft Punk

Photo courtesy of Elevaters

Photo courtesy of Elevaters

I have to say, I have not listened to this feel-good “rock ‘n’ soul” band in what seems like seven years, but this group has always been one of my favorites throughout my ventures into music growing up.

A primarily dance, soul and hip-hop band arising from Los Angeles, CA, there was something about this group that initially stayed with me upon first hearing them. They have some sort of special spark that makes them “different,” for lack of a better term, from any other band you may be listening to today.

They were pure. They were smooth. They were real, genuine and did it all for the love of music.

As I first fell in love with their 2007 LP album Rising, I was immediately drawn to the group’s infectious groove and ability to play live instruments as a band. Their songs often told of real-life issues with themes of having patience, looking out into the sea, having dreams and providing guidance to young ones. Of love, patience and family values, this band is often accompanied by smooth vocals and hip-hop raps and poems played alongside a keyboard, light drums and driving guitars.

Seven years later, the band comes out with Come Alive, released over iTunes just yesterday.

The band writes to their fans on their Facebook page:

“This album is a culmination of our growth as artists and friends in the last few years. We hope you find moments in it that resonate and move you…. and when i say move you know I mean inside and out!!! Much gratitude to everyone who had a part in making this moment happen! Now go cop that!!”

I advise you to come check out their new sound, as it seems to be very relevant and current to today’s music scene. Almost hinting at a touch of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories with some good soul, their music grooves with you. And who doesn’t love that?

To preview their new album Come Alive on iTunes, click here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/come-alive/id882264267


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