In love with Hozier’s bluesy grit and soul in “To Be Alone,” live in Kilkenny

Hozier performing "To Be Alone."

Hozier performing “To Be Alone.”

I think I’ve discovered my new favorite Irish musician. And he’s gritty as heck with a lot of heart.

Right when you hear Hozier’s voice, you’re already taken into a world of soul and grit with the heart of blues. As Irish singer-songwriter Hozier released his first EP Take Me To Church in 2013 with his first single of the same name becoming viral on YouTube and Reddit which preaches on gay rights, I was able to find another, perhaps more enchanting song “To Be Alone” from his EP From Eden, in which I instantly became a fan.

Riffing lyrics such as, “It feels good, girl it feels good,” you already know the sensuality in his voice is gonna take you somewhere else.

Having seen English singer-songwriter James Bay open up for the gritty blues-rock powerhouse woman ZZ Ward just last year, I discovered that Hozier is touring with Bay later this fall. So, I ventured to look into Hozier’s music and fell in love with this blues-driven musician who is beginning to make quite the statement with his voice and enchanting style–something in which Bay and Ward both have of their own, respectively.

At only 24-years-old, Hozier is on the verge of making a name for himself. Having studied music at Trinity College Dublin, he dropped out to record demos with Universal Music, which then led him to tour with an international group.

But, beside the case, Hozier’s voice can call the attention of an entire room. Though his blues guitar-playing is enchanting enough, his having been inspired by gospel music, creating a cavernous-like, chilling melody allows you to get lost in the song. It is quite the sensual song that is a bit dark and gritty, even though he screams that it “feels good” to be alone with a girl–something rather sweet. His falsettos set the song into another spectrum as we’re given a taste of his wide range of a voice, only then to sing from his chest and then keeping rhythm with the constant pluck of a guitar atop blues-guitar riffing, hammer-ons and toe-tapping.

I’m ready to see what more there is to come of this lovely musician. Have a go at his live, stripped down recording of “To Be Alone” below. I’m sure it’ll feel good.



6 responses to “In love with Hozier’s bluesy grit and soul in “To Be Alone,” live in Kilkenny

    • So glad! I’m dying to see him in concert when he makes his way around here. He’s got a lovely vibe and pure talent you don’t see in a lot of musicians today.

    • I can’t believe this entire time I had no idea this was Hozier’s rendition of another song! Either way, the original is classic. Hozier made it his own and both sound great.

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