Intrigued by new dark drama “Third Person” Press Conference at TIFF 2013 (Liam Neeson, Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis)

Over the progression of the year, I’ve found that I have developed an increasing interest in seeing how films/movies/productions are created from their very raw, bare days into final products, including the following press and marketing for promotion.

Having been involved in small theater productions to producing larger-scale student productions today, as well as having intimately followed the personal lives of musicians through making a record and learning how to read films as a text, it’s interesting to see how these once “fairy-like” individuals whom people see as ethereal objects, pictures and poster-bodies are people just like us.

More and more as I go on with my days, I find myself saying, “I understand how that works. That’s something I could do.”

All these individuals working in all of these different fields aren’t covered up in their “glam” anymore, but rather are people just like us. They do this for work. This is their job. This is a project they’ve taken on.

And though as a student, I’ve only done so little but absorbed so much information, I can see how artists/writers/entertainers go from project to project, hoping to find that job to take on to work, and then take a breather (if you so wish).

This video covers the press conference at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) last September of 2013 for the cast and crew involved in the film, “Third Person.” And, I think this one is particularly special because, not only does it cover quite a beautiful premise about damaged, flawed characters, I loved how intimate writer-director Paul Haggis was with his cast—and vice-versa. These roles tended to have them need to break down and show insecurities and flaws—which was scary for all cast members. It was a heavy topic and required heavy-duty work to bring out of them, but I love how Mila Kunis, especially, said that she admired how he was able to tell them when they were “great” and when they were “shit,” for “that’s the only way you can grow.” So, the work in this seemed to be very collaborative between director and actor, as he only wanted the best out of his characters, but knew when his idea was wrong as well.

I am just awestruck at how professional and hard-working this cast is, and, although the reviews for this film aren’t entirely wonderful, the basic premise intrigues me so much—it seems to be very dark yet beautifully flawed. And, with a cast as hard-working and genuine as this, there were lots of walls to be broken and fears to get over, but a lot of heart put in.

This movie just opened late June 20/a few weeks ago, so I am now more intrigued to see this one.

And, as Olivia Wilde stated in another interview with Vanity Fair, she was just so nervous and wanted to cringe during her first viewing of this film that she had fuchsia lipstick on that her friends say was spread all over her face when she got out from all her face-covering. She claims this role, as from this press conference, as being the one that took the most out of her but that she “feel[s] the most proud of.”

I’ll let y’all know how much I like this film when I get to it!

third person - olivia wilde mila kunis

Olivia Wilde and Mila Kunis at “Third Person” TIFF Press Conference 2013.


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