Genevieve (Company of Thieves) premieres new music at the Satellite, Los Angeles (9-30-2014)

Genevieve (Company Of Thieves) live at the Satellite, Los Angeles, 9/30/2014.

Genevieve (Company Of Thieves) live at the Satellite, Los Angeles, 9/30/2014.

After the long arrival of late Company Of Thieves‘ frontwoman Genevieve‘s new music, local Silver Lake-ians and Los Angeles attendees were treated to the premiere of Genevieve’s new music, set to be released sometime early next year.

With stage jitters and nervous laughs, Genevieve’s uncanny stage presence and infectious smile still shined through at the intimate Satellite lounge, as she smiled her way through her set with energy, enthusiasm and pure fun.

“Come up and hang out with me,” she said before beginning her set, motioning the audience closer to the stage.

Performing an array of upbeat pop-tunes alongside a live band, full with a pianist, guitarist, bassist and drummer, Genevieve hopped her way through each song while singing and bending backwards, holding the mic and unafraid to let herself totally loose to her tunes.

“I’m so nervous to play these songs for you,” she reflects.

Realizing that everyone in the room is going into her show with blind eyes and ears, whom are only familiar with her for her previous work in Company Of Thieves, she wasn’t afraid to let us into her space.

But, that is also where she was absolutely grateful for her listeners for coming out and continuing to support her music.

With plans to tour with her new EP in the new year, which is currently still a work in-progress, you can definitely expect to hear tunes very different from her whispering indie-rock, angst-ridden alternative Company Of Thieves days.

Having also been busy collaborating with musicians of the likes of electronic-music producer Jimmy Giannopoulos in a project called G (check out “Outer Space”), it seems that Genevieve has kept busy writing and recording new music–to be released very soon.

Heading on-stage at 10:30pm after her two opening-acts Le Swish (Bob Morris of The Hush Sound) and Zac Clark, she performed an intimate one-hour set with full energy, foot-stomping, vocal-pulling, conversations with bandmates and audience participation (in which to choose what kind of song to hear next–“upbeat or intimate”). You could tell Genevieve was totally in her element and having a lot of fun up there; and it was a treat to be able to hear Genevieve in the very beginning stages of releasing her own solo material–finally!

Here’s one of my favorites from that night, in which she performed as her last song (we chose to end on “intimate”). Here’s Genevieve performing the very stripped-down “Start Over” (view the rest of my concert footage here):

I also had the opportunity to meet and chat with Genevieve a little after her performance and it went a little something like this:

Genevieve: “Hi! Have I met you before…?”

Me: “Umm no… This is actually my first time meeting you!”

The power of social media, I tell ya!

Me with G, 9/30/2014.

Me with G, 9/30/2014.


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