Best Modern Spins on Fleetwood Mac Classics

As the weekend and holidays are quickly approaching, we ought to give cheers to what a great year 2014 has been for Mac fans. This has been the year that Fleetwood Mac, the classic British-American rock band who all our parents have playing on their radios (or mine, for you old souls), reunited to tour the world again after forty years. This year is also the year original bandmate, Christine McVie, returned–after sixteen years–from London, making the band completely and wholly original ever since the late 80s.

It’s nearly impossible to have never heard any Fleetwood Mac songs.

Frontwoman Stevie Nicks’ long and illustrious career into a solo career has classics named “Edge of Seventeen,” “Stand Back” and the duet “Leather & Lace” deemed radio-friendly. Mac songs are often featured in film, television and commercials, reworked and reedited over the years to suit contemporary audiences (FX‘s “The Americans” used the Mac song “Tusk” in their opening pilot episode, creating a chilling and intense opening hook; also, the third-season of “American Horror Story” presented “Coven,” featuring the gold-dust woman Stevie Nicks herself offering a catalogue of classic witch-friendly songs such as “Rhiannon.”)

For the modern audience, the holidays mean food, family, love, and–heck–even music to set the mood.

Below, I provide some of the best modern edits of Fleetwood Mac classics to ever exist. (And, as a devote Fleetwood Mac fan, I tend to get very picky). Here is, the Mac Re-mixed.

1. Dreams (Gigamesh Edit)

“Dreams” was the first No. 1 hit in the US for Mac and remains one of the band’s best known songs. This edit by Gigamesh is, likewise, one of their most well-known and appreciated song edits. Retaining the lullaby-like nature and build-up of the song and pairing it with an atmospheric dance-floor ambiance creates one smooth tune.

2. Dreams (Walter Robcek Remix)

When any fan hears a great song remixed to its death, we want to punch the creator in the face; though, Walter Robcek, a duo hailing from Paris, France, seems to give “Dreams” its due justice while providing their own take on the tune.

Although the line, “Now here you go again,” is repeatedly used over-and-over in this remix, I have to say that I find what they’ve done with this song brilliant. The duo adds a toothy guitar-rhythm under the original beat, electronic synths and drums to spice up the tune from time-to-time and dabbles in experimentation. Then they let Nicks’ airy vocals play out over a lengthy, spacey ambient tune that just lets the song take you away into another world. If you’re not convinced, well, let Indieshuffle do so.

3. Gypsy (Gardens & Villa Cover)

This list wouldn’t be complete without a cover song, and while there are many to choose from, I thought I’d give it up to this group of California indie-rockers called Gardens & Villa, who have created a truly breathtakingly synthful take on the 1983 Mirage classic “Gypsy.” The great thing about this cover is that it does everything that the original did; they don’t try to spice it up too much except modernize that recognizable piano-riff into a synthesized, winding beat. The electronics seem to go well on this Mac record as its wistful nature still pulls. Plus, it is one chill tune; play it at your next BBQ or late-night jam.

4. Gold Dust Woman (Halestorm Cover)

Halestorm hails as one of my favorite current hard-rockers; and probably the only ones at that. Backed by such trained and experienced musicians on guitar, percussion and bass, the foursome-act lends way to such a solid cover that breeds on the depth of sound, instrumentation, and natural chemistry that makes for any good band. They do Fleetwood justice with this song as they bring their own hardcore-rock flair to it, providing more angst and attitude (of course with frontwoman Lzzy’s powerhouse vocals) than Stevie Nicks and her softer, wistful soul could do. Lzzy becomes her own sort of gold dust woman here, as she brings the song an element of attitude and angst that it so greatly benefits from. The build-up throughout this song is brilliant as well as one gets more and more lost within the transcending-nature of this angsty-lullaby (that bridge is such a trance). Give it a go. (I previously wrote about it here.)

5. The Chain (Chinonegro Edit)

It’s hard to find a decent remix of this toothy, angst-filled Fleetwood-classic “The Chain,” but Chinonegro seems to do it right. Keeping that iconic guitar sampled over Stevie’s haunting echoes as in random calls, he lets this song vibe while gently adding his own outside beats. This one deserves your time and patience to let its sounds completely and wholly envelop you, as the sounds and tunes come in slowly, but surely. Play this one at your next house party.

Did you enjoy any of these picks? Let me know! I’d love to hear what you grooved to (or hated) yourself. And, if you have any other songs you think I may be missing–let me know. My Mac discography can surely grow.


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