Ten years later, Dia Frampton is still pushing (ARCHIS, Meg & Dia, The Voice)

ARCHIS, headed by Dia Frampton and Joseph Trapanese, has big plans for 2015.

ARCHIS, headed by Dia Frampton and Joseph Trapanese, has big plans for 2015.

At this point in her life, Dia Frampton isn’t afraid. Having failed “a million times” in her life and dropped from three different labels (two of which were major) throughout her career, Dia’s still pushing. And she’s pushing hard.

Currently in the studio with film composer Joseph Trapanese (Oblivion, Tron) to record the debut album of a project named Archis (EP due February 2015), Dia’s excited to get her two feet up and running again.

“I am able to put all of my creative ideas and have 100% of the say because there’s not one person who can get on the phone and screw around with me,” she writes to me. “No one’s around to say, ‘Hey…that song’s 6 minutes long…that’s not radio.’ I just sit in the studio all day with Joseph Trapanese, and experiment.”

Having co-fronted the band Meg & Dia with her sister Meg for the first eight-years of her career (2004-2012), the road has taught her a lot about failure, picking yourself back up and moving on.

When she first appeared on the inaugural season of The Voice in 2011, Dia stole America’s hearts through her soulful, dark renditions of mainstream hits such as Kanye West’s “Heartless” and a reimagined version of the song “Losing My Religion” by R.E.M.

“There were lots of performers on the show that were cruising and having a great time [thinking] this is so fun,” she remembers, “[but] I was constantly like oh my gosh, I’m nervous, there’s so much pressure, I hope I don’t trip on stage because of these big high heels they put me in.”

After releasing the record Red under Universal Republic in less than six-months since her stint on the show, Dia says her album was a “clustercuss” of songs. Since then, she’s been dropped and looking for her next move. Working with Trapanese has allowed her to approach music in a very organic and artistic way.

She learned how to write the “perfect song” through working with major pop writers for U2, David Harris and John Mayer in the past, but she now strives to move away from that very “structured and robotic” process to focus on letting the music play out as it naturally does.

“I’ve never been the type of person who thought [my songs were] really amazing,” she reflects. “Some days I’m really excited, other days I think a song I’ve written is the worst song in the world. The next hour I love it, the next hour I think what am I doing,” she laughs.

With Archis, Frampton and Trapanese are creating something “no one else has ever created before,” manager Mike Kaminsky notes. “It’s like a big orchestral film score with pop lyrics.”

With a strong marketing team envisioned to back this project up, things can only look up from here.

“It’s very clear that this is something the artist wants to do,” friend and recording engineer Charlie Vela also adds. To go from a commercial pop record to something very artistic, Dia is taking full reigns on her career.

Now at 27-years-old, Dia doesn’t have any worries about settling down. She reflects:

“I know that society says that we should all settle down as we grow older, but, I’ve always been someone to wander around aimlessly. The more I wander around aimlessly, the more I feel like I’ve hit my mark.”

Keep up with Dia Frampton and ARCHIS on Twitter (@DiaFramps, @archis) and Facebook (Dia Frampton, ARCHIS).


5 responses to “Ten years later, Dia Frampton is still pushing (ARCHIS, Meg & Dia, The Voice)

  1. Letting the music go where it wants to go is a very jazzy way of thinking. I love it!

    Go Dia! Keep on keeping on. That goes to you too Rachel. It’s your blog posts like this that reminds people that the love they had for what Meg & Dia represents still live.

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