Spout Art Interview: Rachel Ann Cauilan

Spout Art has a beautiful project going on for inspiring artists. I randomly received an e-mail one day about being featured in this project, so it is very cool to be a part of this. From musicians, artists, writers, designers and filmmakers, they all share some invaluable advice for tackling an industry that isn’t always so “secure.” Thank you very much for the feature! Check them out and read my write-up on spoutart.com.

“What message are you trying to share with your work?”

Be true to yourself. Live honestly. Be a good person. Know your strengths and play those strengths up. Everyone is here for a reason, and we are given our gifts and talents for a reason–why waste them by never sharing them?

I have always been someone who strived to live in her own name. I know many people who become ashamed of who they are, are too shy to do the things they want to, or are unsure of how others think of them. If you feel good about yourself and the art you contribute, no one can ever say anything about them. It’s a part of you and you have courage for sharing that with the world. Whether it’s your writing, music, talent, voice… Own it.

And, above all: Do what makes you happy. This life is too short to be lived blindly or in fear of chasing what moves you. Do what makes you feel most alive! I hope that in everything that I choose to do in my life, and the way in which I respond to my life, can inspire others to do what makes them feel good. You just have to be a good person, but know how you can give yourself up to others as well.

Me at red carpet press event for the Apl.de.Ap "Time For Hope" Foundation Gala. BakitWhy. 5/2013.

Me at red carpet press event for the Apl.de.Ap “Time For Hope” Foundation Gala. BakitWhy. 5/2013.


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