No Shame. Music Connects People.

There is no shame in that I clearly have no life if my past ten Instagram posts have had something to do concerning Meg & Dia / Archis / Dia Frampton / Mike Kaminsky.

They were all probably the very first reason I found myself having grown such a strong kinship to writing, music, emotion and feeling it’s okay to be feeling the things I was feeling as a young teenager beginning high school…

When I always felt like I was the only one who just naturally kept to herself, thought poorly of “conformity,” found a strong connection to music and the way it moved my soul, or the way I found my voice through writing…

They were the first people I had known who I could genuinely relate to—who just thought the same things I did, who lived in a similar fashion that I did, who had similar thoughts and upbringings and were just strangely “wired” in a way that I found so much of myself in.. And they themselves being people I could look up to as a young girl.

There’s no kidding how that Archis show (and my story “The Beast of Burden”) brought me back to the past ten years of Meg & Dia’s career, and their own profound influence on me growing up. (So of course I will testament a huge portion of my life to them.)

It’s amazing a thing music can do.

It’s amazing how connected music can make people.

It’s amazing how connected humans are all to each other, in the end.

It’s amazing how music can move people, make people feel things, make people feel connected to something bigger than themselves, but also allow other people to understand themselves, just a little bit better.

My utter gratitude, to you all. ❤


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