15 Day Video Challenge: Day 1

Three years ago during my freshman year, I did a 15 Day Video Challenge (watch here). I thought it would be interesting to revisit this experience to see how much I have not only grown and changed throughout my four years in college, but also how I may have not changed all that much. So, here it goes! Enjoy and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

With love,


15 Day Video Challenge

Each day do a recording of yourself based on the topic. Be creative or be straight forward. It’s completely up to you! The goal is to have fun with it, and a way to build more confidence. This challenge helps discover yourself a bit more and also helps others know you a bit better! Good Luck and have fun!
Day 1: Introduce Yourself
Day 2: Your dreams, aspirations, career goals, etc.
Day 3: Your personality in person and online
Day 4: Most difficult experience or experiences
Day 5: Your cellphone
Day 6: Where you went out today, and places you love and places you want to visit
Day 7: People who you want to get to know more personally
Day 8: Sing a Song
Day 9: Favorite Movie
Day 10: Views on Love and relationships
Day 11: Someone you miss
Day 12: Someone you admire
Day 13: Something you want to do now
Day 14: Your future
Day 15: Final Words

Stay updated with these videos at http://youtube.com/rachelcansee.


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