My “Human Nature” (Michael Jackson Cover)

Ever since graduation one month ago, I’ve been thinking and planning for my next “move.”

I’ve played a lot of music; I’ve interviewed a lot of musicians; I’ve written and blogged a lot; and I’ve done a lot of growing within and without.

At the end of the day, I find it a very powerful thing when you find yourself wanting to pick up your guitar, play something and record it.

The more I ask myself, “What do I see myself doing in a few years? What do I want to do?” I realize how much my love for writing, blogging, music, film and interacting with others has overcome all aspects of my life. I need to focus it into one “thing” that I can give back into the universe.

As a way to help me navigate that answer, I’d like to know:

What is it about me that you like to keep up with the most? The music? The interviews? The blogging? Should I get into some vlogging?

What are some topics that you like to read about/watch/be in the know about from me?

Would vlogging be a better alternative to blogging?

I’ve realized that I do have some sort of presence, and I’d like to channel that into something positive for this world and community in which we all find ourselves belonging in.

New installments to come soon. But here’s an MJ tune that has always put me in such a good groove to hold me/you over.

Live passionately. Live honestly.

With love,



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