Olivia Wilde takes us through the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Dark Necessities”

As if I needed another reason to love adore admire look up to be completely inspired by Olivia Wilde, here she goes again.

And this time it’s with the release of her music video for the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ highly anticipated hit single “Dark Necessities” — an infectious, funk-driven, deliciously bass-filled summer jam, which Wilde directed herself.

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I love how Wilde completely engages her fans and takes us behind-the-scenes of the work passion projects she’s been getting into. Recently, she’s shared moments on-set with the cast and crew of the “Necessities” video on her Instagram account, such as Flea sitting in dirty dishes and a preggo Wilde sandwiched between two sofa cushions.

“I really found [music videos] to be a logical way to get your feet wet in directing because it is essentially an exercise in making a silent film,” Wilde told ET Online. “You have to learn how to tell a story without dialogue — that is really essential.”

In the video, we are taken through sweeping pans of a female longboarder gang skating around downtown and sustaining cuts and bruises while the Peppers rock out and groove in a grungy, retro apartment that pays homage to their interesting shirtless lifestyles.

The song makes for a powerful return for the Chili Peppers. The slow build-up of the song — textured by modern piano elements and hand claps — leads into a tasty and infectious bass line by Flea, a powerful drum track by longtime drummer Chad Smith, classic rock guitar stylings of newest member Josh Klinghoffer and the familiar funk-rock vocals of Anthony Kiedis (and his stache).

“They are incredibly creative people and they’re so good at what they do,” Wilde continued on directing the Peppers. “They’re so interesting that you really just have to let them have a free space to play in and set them free and they just do 90 percent of the work for you.”

Wilde made her directorial debut earlier this year with Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros’ “No Love Like Yours” — a video she recorded and directed solely on an iPhone 6 with help of director-woman-friend Reed Morano and her own personal girl gang. And when she’s not playing the model-wife of a record company exec on HBO’s Vinyl, she’s mothering her son Otis with husband funny-man Jason Sudeikis (and are currently expecting a second Sudeikis to the family).

But if I have to say anything about Wilde and the video, it’s that I love how it isn’t full of your typical video vixens. Besides the beautiful close-up shots and pans focused on the spaces the Peppers are inhabiting or the places the long boarders are going, the video feels casual and familiar. It captures the inner “dark necessities” of these girls who live on the streets and these guys going crazy getting high in a room.

It feels like something made fresh from the early 2000s, but with modern intent — the vision is beautiful and music so tasty.

Watch the official video for “Dark Necessities” below:

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