Kate Earl releases lush music video for “I Love You”

Kate Earl in her music video for

Kate Earl in her music video for “I Love You.”

EARL, or as singer-songwriter and soul singer Kate Earl calls herself as a means to reclaim her name, has come a long way.

As an Alaskan native who moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18 to follow her musical dreams — signing to The Record Collection in 2005 with her debut album Fate Is The Hunter, her self-titled second album Kate Earl under Universal Republic in 2009, and her strongly indie-folk record Stronger under Downtown Records in 2012 — Earl decided to go indie in 2014 to self-record and self-produce her own record in London after more than a decade’s experience in the industry.

And if this video is any omen to the music Earl decides to record and release in the upcoming year, then I’m sure we’ve landed on something almost “too good to be true.”

Kate Earl in her music video for

Kate Earl in her music video for “I Love You.”

In the video, we are shown several long shots of an ocean and the beautiful interior of an abandoned castle. The slow pluck of a guitar chimes in as we see Earl sitting idly with her guitar. Empty chairs are thrown around. White party balloons are hung. She gazes out a wide-paned window in an old wedding dress and sequined gown and reminisces about a lover.

The moment that mariachi-inspired rhythm section comes in, the song immediately lights up for me.

I have to say, the song feels very much in Earl’s element. Rather than being packaged into something marketable for mass audiences, Earl’s refined elegance and natural soul shines through here. And compared to the first demo of this song, she has completely transformed the song in a way that still holds true to its nature.

As Earl confesses, “And all the boys who came ahead of you were mean / And now it’s hard to give myself away,” it’s clear that she is making music her own way, in her own name.

The various stills that look like fashion ads; the crooning echoes and lullaby-like harmonies; the dainty organ section and Earl’s hallowing musicianship. What’s not to love?

“A full self-written album is close to completion, produced at RAK Studios,” Earl states on her website. “Starting with my first UK tour, I wish to take this music to the rest of the world.”

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Purchase the live version of Earl's "I Love You" from Live at St. Margarets Chapel (Live) on Amazon now. Be sure to check out her previous material under Kate Earl below.


2 responses to “Kate Earl releases lush music video for “I Love You”

  1. Thank you for writing this Rachel. It made me buy the song. I think you really captured her essence & the hidden story.

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