Maggie Rogers’ ethereal “Alaska” gets visual treatment in new video

Earlier this summer, Pharrell praised NYU student Maggie Rogers for creating something he’s “never heard before.” While hosting a masterclass at NYU, he listened back to several students’ songs and provided his own feedback, while being visibly stunned by what Rogers created.

“I have zero, zero, zero notes for that,” Williams said to Rogers after playing her track.

The dreamy (and obviously danceable) folk-pop anthem has already been cemented in listeners’ ears. Rogers’ unfinished demo of “Alaska” went viral early on (with the masterclass video surpassing 2m views), while the later release of her finished version has only piqued our interests.

We are now finally given visual treatment of that infectious folk-pop anthem, featuring Rogers herself.

Directed by Zia Anger, Rogers dances through the autumn leaves with a group of her friends, moving to a rhythm that is sometimes awkward but otherwise free. The tribal beat matched with the energy of smooth dance music gets under our toes as the fields turn into a smoky dance party, with confetti, make-outs and all.

“I love the music most when it makes me feel human,” Rogers wrote on her Instagram in a letter to her fans. “Feet on the ground, soft hair, standing with my friends … feet off the ground, hair wild, moving to that perfect pulse.”

Rogers’ single definitely showcases who she is as an individual and artist. Freeing, liberating, hopeful and emotional, “Alaska” shows how intent Rogers is on making music in her own way.

“All I wanna do is combine that folk imagery and harmony and natural samples that I’ve been picking up while hiking over the last couple of years with this kind of backbone and energy of dance music,” she revealed to Pharrell as her approach towards music.

If you’re anything like the rest of the world, we can’t wait to hear what the 22-year-old comes up with next. Rogers is unsigned and currently working on her debut album.


Photo courtesy of Maggie Rogers @maggierogers Instagram.



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