Dia Frampton releases deliciously sweet new track “Crave” in time for new album

Dia Frampton releases new track

Dia Frampton releases new track “Crave” off upcoming album Bruises due March 3. Courtesy of BlackBook.

If there’s anything I’ve known about Dia, it is that she is relentlessly passionate about her art.

Her “Golden Years” of those times bumming it out on the road with her four best friends playing music in an old van across the U.S. at the age of 17 may be long gone, but her love of music never died.

In 2011 she became runner-up of the inaugural season of The Voice, plummeting her into a solo career she wasn’t entirely ready to handle, only then to realize the harsh reality of the narrow-minded music business afterwards.

“The dynamic did change,” she wrote to me in 2014. “It doesn’t matter if you try to keep things the same, it was a solo thing. I didn’t want to head a different direction. It just…happened.”

More than five years since her debut album, Frampton is gearing up for her follow-up Bruises come March 3 under Nettwerk Music Group. And with her new track “Crave” — a deliciously sweet and soulful tune that feels like a long, slow kiss — Frampton creates her own dreamy kind of soundscape with her familiar breathy vocals and a passionate delivery.

“It’s about taking the time to give someone a slow kiss,” she tells BlackBook, “about being truly present with someone on so many different levels, and about how to give yourself to someone completely.”

There’s something about a song that can be so simple — about being so smitten with someone that it “Brings me back to seventeen / We were young and wild and free,” as the lyrics go — that taste like sugar to the earbuds. This has to be one of my favorite recent releases from Dia as it tells of a simple moment of desire — something that shows Dia’s innate artistry to wear her heart on her sleeve yet also be tasteful about it.

Listen to the track premiered on BlackBook below and let me know your thoughts. You can also purchase the single “Crave” or pre-order the Bruises [Explicit] album due March 3rd at the links provided.

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