One Girl One-Take on “Dueling Guitars” (“August Rush” Cover)

We are halfway through the month and I thought I’d bring you another video to kickstart the year!

“Dueling Guitars” has always been a song that immensely inspired me through its simple yet dynamic instrumentals on the guitar when I was a little girl. (Can you believe the movie August Rush was released 10 years ago?) I decided to hit the outdoors on a lazy afternoon this past weekend with my brother to record a one-take rendition. The song is normally played with two guitarists (hence the “dueling”), but I guess I’m just dueling with myself.

On another note: throughout the past couple of months, I’ve felt like I’ve been searching for answers, whether it be in my career, life, home, where I belong or what I should do. I took a getaway trip a month ago and entered this new year with a little more clarity in being focused on myself and my loves and bringing that out into the public.

Why? Well I’ve realized you don’t need a job or work or someone else telling you to do something. Do it because life without doing so would seem so insane!

With love and honesty,


P.S. I am on a mission to publish new videos once every two weeks (twice a month). That means I am open to song suggestions, collaborations, video locations, you name it! If you’ve any words of advice or ideas, let me know. Also, let me know what you think about my video as it’s a little something new for me!


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