You’re A Little Late, I’m Already “Torn” (Natalie Imbruglia Cover)

Hi friends!

It seems the more and more I try and push myself to be consistent with these videos, the harder I feel it is to put “quality” work out there that I’m proud of. I’ve recorded countless demos and recordings of songs new and old to find the one that just “fits” for this moment in my life (I feel relevancy with these videos are so important)… And with so many options, I get dissuaded.

I may need to draw it back a little and focus on developing my own voice and craft (perhaps dialing in on the originals I’ve written in the past year), while also trying to balance everything else in my life — the job hunt, moving out, my own fitness and health and securing artist interviews, shows and articles! (Cough, my review of Dia Frampton’s Bruises just went up, and my interview with the very talented Brooklyn singer-songwriter Andy Suzuki is to come!)

With two months in the year gone, it seems we’re all still trying to find our “groove” (at least I am).

I know I don’t tend to share much personal information from my life on here, but I’ve found that time will only continue to go on, so you might as well make the most of the time you have now.

A recent conversation with an old friend reminded me that in the end — while we’re all living our own day-to-day lives of working that 9-to-5, struggling to pay rent or maybe even making our next career move — the moments we value and cherish the most are the ones where we really valued and appreciated the present moment.

It can become so easy to think of where we want to be that we forget to realize that life’s greatest moments are happening and waiting right now. So as my little “preacher’s soul” will say tonight: Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back. If something discourages you, put it behind you. If something excites you, go full force ahead with it. It’s all about recognizing things as is and controlling what you do and how you react to it.

When you begin to lose a little faith (perhaps feeling a little “torn”), own it, embrace it and let yourself cry it out! Real growth happens the moment we acknowledge our fears, weaknesses and possibly discouragements — and at least you know it means you care.

With love and honesty,


P.S. Here’s to my last week of being 23. How do y’all think I should embrace it?

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