On the San Francisco Spirit

I feel like I remember saying, “Happy first of March!” just yesterday, so how is it May already?

These past couple of months have felt like a marathon. In the past three weeks I’ve gone to concert after concert after late night after show. I’ve lost sleep, stayed up writing coverages, shifted sleep schedules and habits, spent late nights out with friends, ate too much one day and ran the next. It’s been a whirlwind of a month, but it’s been fun.

I told myself I’d be moving sometime in the year. And God only knows if I’m really prepared to leave or not, but the feeling has got me a little sentimental about the Bay.

You know that saying you never explore your own hometown but you explore other places? A random trip to help my friend out with her photo booth event last Saturday let me have a little free three-hour tour around the entire San Francisco Bay Area — and having a moment like that right before I may leave just hits the spot.

I didn’t mean to create a video going into the night, but I somehow snapped more clips than I had anticipated. My concert high has also got me loving Oh Wonder’s “Body Gold” from their show a few weeks ago — and it couldn’t be any more relevant.

Before you came ’round my heart would never beat much faster
Before you came ’round I was ready to slow down
Before you came ’round I was heading for a small disaster
Before you came ’round I was ready to blow me down

With love, honesty and looking forward,



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