Unraveling, Letting Go and Tahoe Fasho

AUBURN, CA. I spent a weekend in the snow and the mountains but this view from Rainbow Falls was SO hard to beat. Thank you for a great weekend and for finally making #tahoefasho. 5/7/2017.

I’m about to reach my six months of “funemployment” and to be honest with you, I haven’t felt this alive in so long.

Maybe it be the excessive concerts I’ve been attending, more time with family, friends, myself, music or my thoughts, I think having a period of time to strip yourself away from the working world and reengage with the world around you has a powerful effect.

I’ve never been one to give myself vacations or getaways simply because I am extremely frugal with my time and money — I think every day not working towards my goals or passions is a day wasted, and the money I spend on the daily is money set away from moving out.

Just in the past 2 months (which ironically started on my birthday, the age of 24 and a time of renewal “Road to 24: Confessions from the Head and the Heart”), I’ve attended 13 shows and concerts — some happening twice in one week, most happening once a week, and this past week night after night. (For my money conscious askers, press tickets and consistent write-ups have saved me from spending too much.)

Even though I may not be where I’d ideally like to be at this point in my life, I’ve learned to let my worried heart go to rest to be truly grateful for the everyday moments my life offers.

We’re all works in progress and I figure you can keep working and continually striving to make what you love your life as long as you are actively living it out each and every day — making a little music everyday, going out and writing show reviews, taking care of your health and body and feeding yourself positive energy, thoughts and company. If you’re unhappy with your life, being proactive about bringing those changes you seek is a big part of it — and only you are responsible for bringing that.

But at the end of the day, our work, careers and dreams can feel very empty if we have no one to share it with — no one to share our worries or celebrate our victories, no one to have a laugh with or create new memories. Love and connection is at the heart of our existence, which is why I’ve made it a mission to reengage with myself and my personal relationships.

As someone who tends to distance herself from the love around her, I’ve been learning to let that love in a little more. I am at that point in my life where I am ready and willing to take whatever experiences the world throws at me, whether that’s taking the plunge to step out of my comfort zone, leaving my home and everybody I know for a new city, or letting my heart and guard down completely.

I want to feel and experience things fully and completely — heart and mind, body and soul.

It’s all about having an open heart. So let’s unravel each other and connect a little more. Who’s with me? (And P.S. these vlogs are not the best and end up just being a compilation of random clips recorded on my phone, but they’ve definitely helped me take the time to be truly grateful for these moments in my life. Whatever way you celebrate your life, share it.)

With love and honesty,



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