Dia Frampton’s New Video “Crave” Celebrates Love, Attraction and LGBTQ in a Karaoke Bar (Music Video)

Korean American singer-songwriter Dia Frampton’s newly released music video for “Crave” is bright, colorful and completely refreshing — something that captures Frampton’s approach to music today.

Frampton is the kind of artist whose relentless passion for her art drives her every move. As a music industry veteran of ten-plus years, she wants to “reintroduce myself as an artist,” as she wrote in her telling essay on Cuepoint back in August.

In her new video “Crave,” which just dropped today, Frampton celebrates love and the initial spark of attraction in a video that pays tribute to the LGBTQ community.

Directed by Korean American filmmaker Andrew Ahn, the video is the second of two videos he made from Frampton’s latest album Bruises, released this past March.

Frampton says she completely fan-girled over Ahn, who won the John Cassavetes Award at the 2017 Independent Spirit Awards for his first feature film Spa Night.

“I couldn’t stop crying at the end of Spa Night,” she gushed to the Huffington Post. “It was just a really beautiful movie that had some impact on me, and I knew that I wanted to work with Andrew if I could be so lucky.”

The season one runner-up of The Voice and the younger half of the Meg & Dia duo explains that “Crave” is a song simply about craving someone.

“One time, when I was visiting New York City, I met this man in a bar and we just clicked … We had our first (and last kiss) there, sang some songs and talked till about 7 a.m., and then I left the city, back to L.A. and we texted for a while until it fizzled out. But it was still a special moment … a crazy connection that is like a little secret I can keep. Well, now it’s not, but sometimes you meet people only for a few moments and you can share so many things and it feels real. It feels honest.”

The new video, which takes place in a karaoke bar, explores “young gay love in an uncomplicated, joyful way,” according to Ahn.

Frampton, who is turning 30 later this year, has openly expressed her fears about growing older, while still living with a roommate and working day jobs in Los Angeles. As an actress and storyteller, she explained that Bruises — which arrived more than five years since her debut album Red in 2011 — is an album about keeping on.

“I’m always working, I’m always writing. I never stopped,” Frampton said. “I never went away. Publicly, it might feel like that but … I’m always writing and making music and playing shows. I love it. I really do.”

Frampton, who can also be found acting, cooking and doing yoga around Los Angeles, is an artist whose love for her art has always inspired mine. With a song like “Crave,” you can’t help but fall in love with the breezy chorus and simple sweetness of falling for and getting excited by someone.

Those rare and special kinds of moments are few and far between, and this song captures that.

Fall in love with “Crave” below and I’ll gladly head to a karaoke bar with you.

Be sure to check out Dia Frampton's album Bruises available to purchase on Amazon through Nettwerk Records. Keep up with Frampton at http://diamusic.net.


A version of this article was featured on kore.am.


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