Company Of Thieves reunite with first single “Treasure” in six years

Photo: Company Of Thieves/Facebook

I don’t know about you, but I thought I would never see the day where my favorite beloved indie rockers Company Of Thieves would reunite to play and make more music.

After a recent announcement this past spring, the trio — made up of Genevieve Schatz, Marc Walloch and Chris Faller — said they were back in the studio writing and recording.

“We had been playing music separately and had been missing each other immensely. We would run into each other at venues and shows in LA and get misty eyed,” Genevieve told Seat42F. “One night Chris and I were driving after a show and a car clipped the back of us. It was this moment where my life flashed before my eyes, and I thought – oh my god, I miss Marc so much.”

The band went on hiatus three years ago to pursue their own solo projects (Genevieve with own solo material; Marc with AWOLNATION) after two albums under their belt, 2009’s Ordinary Riches and 2011’s indie groove sensation Running From A Gamble.

The Chicago-bred band has had the opportunity to appear on Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates’s “Live From Daryl’s House.”

Their music, for me, has always been incredibly passion-driven — full of lush, dirty guitars, driving grooves, tasty licks and dance-worthy riffs sung to Genevieve’s raspy, sometimes cheerful voice. Deep and airy, their music stuck with me. It struck a strong chord during my high school innocence as Genevieve belted out in pure angst and whispered into the mic as an almost call-to-arms.

Their newly-released “Treasure” breeds of the same intellect. Check it out below:

Also, will I be seeing you at one of their dates on their upcoming reunion tour?

09/12 – Indianapolis, IN @ Hi-Fi
09/13 – Louisville, KY @ Zanzabar
09/14 – St. Louis, MO @ Off Broadway
09/16 – Columbus, OH @ ID Fest
09/18 – New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre
09/19 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Foundry
09/20 – Albany, NY @ Jupiter Hall
09/22 – Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
09/25 – Kansas City, MO @ The Record Bar
09/27 – Denver, CO @ The Walnut Room
09/30 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Troubadour

Company Of Thieves's new single "Treasure [Explicit]" is available to purchase now. Keep up with everything Company Of Thieves on Facebook at


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