DANakaDAN premieres anthemic “Runners” with Dia Frampton (Song Review)

Korean American hip hop artist DANakaDAN (Dan Matthews) dropped a new single with my favorite singer-songwriter Dia Frampton — and it’s infectious.

Matthews’ new track “Runners” comes off his upcoming album Escape From L.A., set to drop later this month.

The track feels anthemic and empowering. The smooth drumbeat played to a piano riff under his strong rap is catchy as Frampton’s voice echoes in the background; and his quick-witted rap lends its way to Frampton’s sentimental chorus:

They say that we’re runners
But I can’t seem to disagree
Gonna lose my way, gotta make mistakes
Find out who we’re meant to be
And then we say…

The song describes Matthews’ feelings of uncertainty as he searches for “my place at my own pace.” Whether it’s the struggle, the hustle, the hardships or mistakes we make, the track pays tribute to the “runners” — the ones who find it so easy to run away, but also keep running back for more.

When I come back I wanna do it right
But how long that takes and how I sleep at night
Is way too beyond me ’cause I will end up wandering

Listen to “Runners” by DANakaDAN feat. Dia Frampton below:


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