Morgan Saint is Pop Music’s Next Big Act

Morgan Saint is an artist I had the opportunity to see and meet last Wednesday night in Los Angeles, and little did I know this New York artist would be on her way to become pop music’s next big act.

“Exactly a year ago today, I was on a plane from New York to LA,” Saint explained to the intimate Moroccan Lounge crowd. “I signed with the team at Epic Records. To my manager, I owe everything to you,” she said in her heartfelt homage.

Morgan Saint live at the Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles, CA. 11/29/2017. (Photo: Rachel Ann Cauilan | @rachelcansea)

The singer has songs set to make her pop music’s next big act. Her infectious and tasteful production matched with a live guitar and drums were absolutely intoxicating against her vocals about love, broken relationships and friends.

“YOU,” the debut single from Saint’s 17 Hero EP is a “moody pop” hit that is both catchy and haunting with tight production, finger snaps and lyrics that cut deep.

“In my mind, what separates a simply catchy song from a song that has the ability to trigger emotion, is its depth and uniqueness both lyrically and sonically,” Saint told Pigeons & Planes. “I am attracted to music like that, because I think that it is not always easy to come by.”

Saint only has five songs off her debut and each song is already a standout. Embedded with a lot of heart and raw emotion, her songs chronicle the emotional highs and lows through anthemic pop songs such as “Glass House,” which Saint mentioned as her most raw single that takes a plea to “crash into me” and “f**king love me now.” “For God’s Sake” is another hauntingly bare track that speaks of the struggle to “just move on” from someone or to believe if “we [are] brought together by fate.”

Saint’s effortless set with songs played to a tight-knit legion of fans, supporters and her label family make it easy to see that her music is going to catch onto the world. With new songs on the horizon and an impeccable sense of writing and artistry, we’re more than ready for Saint to deliver on songs that make us feel a little something, but also take us away to musical euphoria.

“Hatred is not in my blood. Euphoria is what I feel in my dreams. Love is what I’m searching for.”

Her 17 Hero EP is available now on Epic Records. Stay connected with Morgan Saint at

This article was featured on SF Critic.


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