Milo Greene Gets Intimate With “Adult Contemporary”


Milo Greene live at The Holding Co. in Los Angeles, CA. 6/6/2018. (Photos: Ken Ben Raymundo (@welcometotheigloo) | Blurred Culture)

The Los Angeles-based quartet got intimate on the heels of the release of their forthcoming third album Adult Contemporary.

There’s something incredibly infectious about Los Angeles-based quartet Milo Greene.

A band known for their mesmerizing harmonies and captivating ensemble performances, Marlana Sheetz, Graham Fink and Robbie Arnett, who all share vocal and instrumentation duties and are often seen interchanging instruments mid-set, are on to release their third album Adult Contemporary this fall. And to kick things off? They decided to throw on a special show, dubbed “Get Intimate with Milo Greene” at The Holding Co. event space in Los Angeles last Wednesday night.

Now, this has been about my hundredth time I’ve seen this band live (I’ve lost count). Their debut self-titled album released in 2012 is known for being incredibly rhythmic and cinematic, featuring their signature warm acoustics and mesmerizing harmonies; their follow-up Control released in 2015 is sonically different, with more electronics and vibrating synthesizers to add. In 2017, the band signed with Nettwerk Music Group and released their Never Ender EP, spearheading a sonically different direction ahead of this year’s Adult Contemporary.

It’s been a bit over a year since the band had last performed live. The venue, adorned with market string lights over an outdoor patio and event space, was new (…)

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