Rising Teen Pop Star Charlotte Lawrence Makes Waves At LA Debut


Charlotte Lawrence live at the Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles, CA. 6/19/2018. (Photo: Rachel Ann Cauilan | @rachelcansea)

The emerging teen pop talent is already making a name for herself for her catchy pop, infectious beats and deeply personal lyrics.

In her debut single, Charlotte Lawrence sings:

“I don’t think you know this, but you’re so predictable
Textin’ her behind my back and actin’ like I don’t
But I already know
Yeah, I already know this”

The track is pure pop, pulsating with vibrant synths and intricate layers of sound that are incredibly catchy. Her storytelling is painfully refreshing, full of love, heartbreak and teenage angst as she tells the tale of an ex-lover’s infidelity to a tune that makes you want to dance. And while the recently turned eighteen-year-old model and Instagram personality is just beginning to embrace her artistry, her music fanbase is already growing — and will only continue to grow this year.

Born and raised in Los Angeles as the daughter to Hollywood parents (TV actress Christa Miller and director and producer Bill Lawrence of “Scrubs”), Lawrence may be best known for her Instagram popularity or modeling career, gal-palling it up with best friend and fellow model Kaia Gerber; but Lawrence has already been making waves for herself as a musician in the past year. Since the debut of her song “Sleep Talking” last year, she’s racked up tens of millions of streams on Spotify along with her dizzying dark pop anthem “Just the Same.” And these songs are telling of her rising teen pop status, and why she is such a standout: she captures the teenage experience in a way that resonates with her fans.

Lawrence made her Los Angeles debut at the Moroccan Lounge last Tuesday night as one of four special shows — Brooklyn, Chicago and later San Francisco — just in time before her debut EP Young dropped last Friday. She quickly sold-out the intimate venue and, as her Los Angeles date was packed with friends, family and legions of diehard high school fans, she fully embraced her emerging pop status. (…)

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