MIKNNA Spearhead New Sonic Direction in “Us” at Private Launch Party


MIKNNA is one of the few music duos today who continually surprise me.

The hip-hop duo, made up of rapper Mike B. and producer Ken Nana, are spearheading a new sonic direction.

A few weeks ago, the release of their single “Electric” — with a stunning retro 80’s style vintage music video with lead dancer Bailey Swift — popped with color and oozed with cool retro vibes. The video is a pure work of art (directed by Ryan Ovadia of NANA Lifestyle), with a stunning and lush electronic track to match.

To follow up, the boys released their next single “Us” last Friday night — a rather slower fare compared to their first single — and I dig it.

The song features chill and vibe-y piano riffs and glittery chimes that make you want to close your eyes, plug in your headphones and get lost in space as Mike B. sings and raps: “What about us babe, what about us babe, what about us?” Ken Nana’s production on this track is incredibly smooth, as the track is perfectly intricate and simple enough in its sections of the song.

Moreover, the song is incredibly relatable. When Mike sings, “Don’t take off with my love, love, love, love, love / You’re your own addiction / Can’t love in these conditions,” it makes you think about love and making your own relationships a priority despite changing environments.

The boys of MIKNNA are on to something this year and next — and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Watch my recap of Friday night’s launch party, live at Survios HQ (in honor of their music placement in the live VR game Electronauts), below:

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