In the “Undertow” (Warpaint Cover)

Why you wanna blame me for your troubles?
Ah ah ah, you better learn your lesson yourself…
Now I’ve got you in the undertow
Now I’ve got you in the undertow

With these moody times and even moodier weather, I came across one of my early favorite moody bands during a week of rainy-sick hibernation with the ever-so-talented, all-girl indie-rock psychedelic, oh-so-very-feely girls of Warpaint.

The first song I ever listened to from them and fell in love with their mesmerizing sound was “Undertow” (probably sometime back in 2011, from an earlier and younger “emo” me in high school). Do you remember that one time I saw them last year (or even was sardined in San Francisco seeing them for the first time the year before)?

Here’s a quick little jam I did on it with some amateur drum tracks and electronic beats (because it’s so much more fun to play with a back-track than a metronome).

Enjoy. Do I have you in the undertow?

With love and honesty,


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