MIKNNA Shoot and Release “Summertime Shine” in 24-hours (Music Video)

I’ve been a longtime fan of electro-soul duo MIKNNA for a while now (I first interviewed them back in October 2017) and their hustle, grind and pure passion for music always comes through. With their newest single “Summertime Shine,” that effortless approach is in full effect, as they shot, edited and released the music video for this beachside tune in just 24 hours.

The tune is an 80s-inspired beach cruiser full with electronics, synths and their signature electronic-r&b and rap fusion.

The mastermind of producer and multi-instrumentalist Ken Nana and rapper-vocalist Mike B., MIKNNA formed in 2016 and have been making waves on Spotify and beyond.

Watch the full video for “Summertime Shine” (and find our little cameos in it haha):

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