Noah Cyrus releases her “Lonely” Collection for mental health at Space 15 Twenty

Noah Cyrus performed a special acoustic performance at Space15Twenty to celebrate her “Lonely” collection in Hollywood, CA. 10/19/2019. (Photo: Rachel Ann Cauilan | @rachelcansea)

The 19-year-old singer-songwriter released her exclusive cause apparel with the Crystal Campaign and Urban Outfitters to support mental health awareness.

As mental health has been rising in conversation amongst entertainers, teens, young adults, and the nation, more efforts have been made in order to make mental health as common and important a conversation as physical health. As an advocate for mental health awareness herself, singer-songwriter Noah Cyrus joined Urban Outfitters and the Crystal Campaign on Saturday night to release her Lonely Collection with a special intimate acoustic performance and live Q&A with family, friends, and fans at Space15Twenty in Hollywood, California.

Hosted by popular radio music host Zach Sang, the night opened with an introduction to mental health awareness and the Jed Foundation, a nonprofit organization with a mission to protect emotional health and prevent suicide for the nation’s teens and young adults.

Noah Cyrus, who has been very vocal about her own experiences with mental health, weaves those issues into her music. Her exclusive apparel collection perfectly ties together mental health and her music. (…)

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