Hilary Duff’s ‘Lizzie McGuire Movie’ Test for Superfan Meghan Trainor is everything for all our inner fangirls

I absolutely adore this.

Hilary Duff? In person? Asking you about moments from The Lizzie McGuire Movie — quite possibly the movie your younger self adored and knew all the lyrics to and watched ever scene over and over again, feeling like you were on that trip too gushing over Ethan and Paolo and singing songs in Italy?

Sheesh. These memories bring the movie right back to me and my (possibly) 10-year-old self.

In this episode of “Quizzed” from Billboard, Lizzie McGuire superfan Meghan Trainor sits down with Hilary Duff, to get tested on The Lizzie McGuire Movie trivia.

And hell, you all have to wait for that surprise at the ending… There were just too many good moments in this. #Hercules

And hell…

Let’s bring it back to this sweet moment when my younger self was squealing as an 18-year-old girl:

What are your thoughts? And who else is as excited as me that Lizzie is back?! 😍


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