“She Plays Bass” (beabadoobee Cover)

beabadoobee, a Filipino-British singer-songwriter based in London, is an artist I’ve been listening a lot to lately. Her song “She Plays Bass” got me from the first listen (hell, maybe it reminded me of a certain period in my life lol).

Here I am playing it in open D tuning.

I’ve been taking a liking to the sun and parks and wandering with my guitar again lately, and honestly, it makes me feel like I’m an emo high school kid, only now I’m an adult, working, and maybe not so emo anymore — ha!

But a part of me loves how carefree this is. Writing just to write. Running to run. Wandering just for the hell of it. And acting like a high schooler just because the world has gone quiet and what else am I to do but get in my head again.

But I love this. It feels like I’ve been having so many of these perfect, quiet little “me” days. My body feels stronger. And I’m beginning to realize that had I not done the inner work, maybe I would not have known how to take care of myself during this time.

Self care. Self love. And self quarantine y’all. I’m the biggest advocate of doing what you love and loving and being kind to yourself through it all. May this all be a lesson on how to better take care of ourselves when the world picks up again.

That or maybe I’m just a pro at occupying my free time, ha!

Hope you are well and continuing to take care of yourselves (and in turn, taking care of those around you). ❤

With love and honesty,



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