To follow your curiosity

You have this spark in your eye,
Don’t lose it.

Music is a part of me, but it’s not everything.

As a kid, I used to be so hard on myself for so many things, thinking I needed to do more, be more, and find my worth in the value of my “success.”

But I’ve realized that we are so many things. I am not only a musician, but I am a writer, a blogger, a journalist, barista, coffee shop guru, runner, nature lover, foodie, film enthusiast, sister, daughter, and… human being.

One thing informs the other, and that’s how we’re able to bring so much to our art, our words, our lyrics and expression.

Realizing that music is a piece of who I am, but not everything, allows me to feel more free. I can show up for the other parts in my life and be fully present when I need to; I can release the pressure to be “perfect” and “on it” all the time, and can find a place where I can just “flow” — be our most natural selves.

I go on a walk almost every day and am always enamored by something — the way the wind blows through a tree, the ray of light that passes through, or the pine cone I pick up and take home with me.

And I’ve realized that’s how you stay young and vibrant in this world — to always be curious. To follow your curiosity. To always be in wonder, in awe, and to find the small joys in everyday life.

I’ve realized I can’t exist and function as my best self if I’m not following something I’m curious about.

And that’s the beauty of this all: that we can be forever curious and full of life, have many means and instruments and media to express ourselves, but also have fun doing it.

It’s just about riding that wave of curiosity when it comes.

And when you don’t take yourself so seriously, you just… flow.


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