“One Woman Army” (Kate Earl Cover) (One Woman Band Instrumental)

You can’t stop the Sun from rising,
the Moon from setting,
or a woman who knows what she wants.

In honor of it being International Woman’s Day, Women’s History Month, and March being one of my favorite months of the year (i.e. my birth month, #PiscesPower), I thought I’d revisit one of my favorite songs of all time, “One Woman Army,” from one of my favorite singer-songwriters and fellow Filipina-American musicians by way of Alaska, Kate Earl.

There’s something so powerful about seeing a woman who looks like you, reminds you of you, and gives you the power and encouragement of a simple image of a woman in music doing the thing, that can have such a big influence on you as a little girl. (My entire #TheMegAndDiaStory lies testament to that.)

I will forever be grateful for those days of little Starbucks gift cards with free Apple Music downloads, showcasing new singles and releases from some of the music’s most exciting upcoming artists at the time. That little download of Kate Earl’s “One Woman Army” from her 2012 pop-folk album Stronger found me at a moment in college, away from home for the very first time, in my dorm room, recording little YouTube covers and listening and writing songs for inspiration, only to see her album artwork pop up and me thinking, “Who is this woman making folk music who kind of looks like me?”

From then on, I’ll always be grateful to Kate for being such a big influence on my journey of coming into my own, my womanhood, and pursuing the inner calling of my love of music, and doing it all on your own (all while being a single mother).

I have so much love for the women in my life, for constantly inspiring me and leaving such a strong impact on me as a young girl — from that teacher who I found an older sister in and wanted her daughter to grow up to be like me, the dance group I was a part of who helped me “come of age” and embrace my femininity, culture and womanhood, the two sisters who started a rock band just because they wanted to and ended up being my biggest source of passion and guidance in music, and the mother who showed me how you can do it all on your own.

I was just a girl looking for find the confidence in herself to believe in herself, her power, and the power of her own light and shine.

Hope you enjoy my little updated, revisited take, full with a fun drum track and little guitar licks I added (and a bass from my very good friend Brian). This was just a fun one, so hope you enjoy. ❤

With love and honesty,



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