Introducing Oriel and her cinematic trip-hop single “Scream” (Music Video Release)

Los Angeles-based electro-soul artist Oriel delivers heavy, rhythmic trip-hop beats and vocals in new single “Scream.”

Oriel takes us down her kaleidoscopic spiral of a fractured relationship in her new single and music video for “Scream,” which premiered online earlier this week.

Full of cinematic strings and shuffling beats, all creating the bold and experimental sound that Oriel claims, “Scream” feels like an exciting, experimental spell-bound trip of Oriel coming into her own.

The half-British half-Filipina artist has been hard at work, following up her debut 2017 EP Sunday with a slate of stronger, more focused, production-heavy singles. The ornate instrumentation, synths, and heavy beats in her previous singles “Freedom” and “Warrior” showcase her boldness when it comes to exploring her style. Her mesmerizing R&B-oriented vocals against the trip-hop-leaning production of Max Savage on “Scream” are captivating.

“Scream” is “a visual narrative of me as the subconscious mind, sharing the story of a woman who felt unseen, stuck in a fractured relationship, on the verge of a meltdown,” Oriel says of the music video (…)

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