Kacey Musgraves brings her ‘Star-Crossed: Unveiled’ Tour to Los Angeles

The beautiful thing about concerts is that everyone goes into it with their own baggage — their hopes, dreams, excitements, anxieties, worries of the day, lost love, relationships. To bring that in makes for a wholly unique, shared experience.

Kacey’s music has amounted to so much for me in the past year — in finding myself, opening up my mind, seeing and finding the beauty in the flowers in the concrete, trusting that timing is everything as an old soul, waiting my turn, I know a few things but I’ve still got a lot to learn.

I am so so honored and exhilarated and thrilled and reinvigorated like no other. It’s f**king amazing how music can leave such an imprint on the human soul.

Whatever it is someone’s got going on in their life or world, it colors the lens of their experience. The lights go down, the music turns up, hearts and ears are shared. And in that moment, we experience this grand human experience that makes us feel connected like no other, together.

To bask in the light of an individual whose music and songwriting and soul has touched so many hearts and resonated with mine like no other. Thank you for being an inspiration and for a hell of a fun time.

This was Kacey’s second-to-last show on the leg of her Star-Crossed: Unveiled Tour. Promising amazing visuals to go alongside her music — honest songwriting, country pop meets Grammy-winning galactic country, reminiscing on lost love, divorce, and the golden hour that glows in the slow burn — her show did not disappoint.

Previously selling out the massive Madison Square Garden in New York City, Musgraves sold out Los Angeles’s Crypto.com arena. Fans donned neon glow-up cowboy hats, drag outfits from the commoner to the loyal listeners, as Kacey commented on the amazing fits and energy at her shows.

As an artist who has always been so open about her love of life, country music, cannabis, and the “hookup scene” asking, “Is anyone in their ho phase?” Musgraves was a pure calming presence with her cheeky Texan humor. Stunning visuals for her new album winners “cherry blossom,” with confetti floating in the sky reminiscent of Tokyo as she sang, “Don’t let me blow away,” to “breadwinner” and the Golden Hour disco cowboy hit “High Horse,” her songs oozed pure fun and a joy for life.

The thing that gets me most is that Kacey Musgraves’s music has always been country at heart. She’s stayed true to her country roots, while seamlessly perfecting simple messages into heartfelt country-pop leaning songs that truly moved the world. When most of the concerts in music today feature hard-hitting hip-hop bangers, radio pop tunes and hard rock anthems, Kacey created a space that made us all feel healed upon leaving — something that is a true testament to her soul, songwriting, and beauty in her openness to people of all kind.

Mentioning to her day-ones about breaking out into the country scene years ago and trying to mold her into a more “acceptable” radio presence, she always seemed to break down those barriers in order to deliver work that felt authentic to her.

In “Merry Go Round” she sang:

Mama’s hooked on Mary Kay
Brother’s hooked on Mary Jane
And Daddy’s hooked on Mary two doors down
Mary, Mary quite contrary
We get bored, so we get married
Just like dust, we settle in this town
On this broken merry go ’round

It’s safe to say that I’ve gone to a handful of shows in my life, yet this show is one that will forever be ingrained as one of my best experiences to date. It’s one of the biggest shows I’ve been to — a true event and experience, rather than your smaller-scale live music venue or bar, that stimulated and overwhelmed but beautified me like no other. Looking around the stadium as everyone’s glow-up wristbands played in tandem with Kacey’s set, as we all sang back lyrics that sounded like me being a sad girl in my own room in the middle of the night, as we all crooned to these songs that move me like no other (ha), it was a beautiful shared experience that truly made me feel like all our hearts were connecting and we were cleansed by the beauty of Kacey’s music.

That’s what I love so much about this stuff.

Also, King Princess — another high baller songwriter — opened up the stage and featured her own hits as an icon in her own right and an openly gay femme musician who speaks so much to the Gen Z culture of today. “Talia” was a pure banger, featuring her cheeky vocals to a hard-hitting dark pop anthem, and it hasn’t been able to escape my mind.

It was a well-rounded, beautiful and healing experience as I got high off the “spacey Kacey” energy. And I’m not mad about it.


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