Miley Cyrus Announces ‘Endless Summer’ Album and Celebrates Milestone 30

If there’s one thing to re-ignite my excitement for something new to arrive this year, it’s new Miley.

On Thursday, Miley took to Instagram to announce her eighth studio album Endless Summer arriving this March, with her first single “Flowers” dropping on Jan. 13th (her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth’s birthday, cheekily).

Pre-orders for her album on exclusive Crystal Clear and Opaque Red vinyls have gone live on her website at

The new album is Cyrus’ first album to come from her new label, Columbia Records (seven years and four albums later with Sony Music sister label RCA), which she has described as “her love letter to L.A.” and the follow-up to 2020’s Plastic Hearts.

“The music and imagery of ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ [serves] as a reflection of the strength she’s found in focusing on both her physical and mental well-being” reads the official news release, via Variety.

During her live NBC special “Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party,” the icon’s musicianship and showmanship shined as she brought out heavyweight performances and collaborations with the likes of Sia, Swae Lee (“Party Up The Street” is a bop from 2018’s SHE IS COMING EP that I have dreamed to hear performed live), Latto, David Byrne, Fletcher and Paris Hilton. She even entertained with SNL’s Chloe Fineman, Sarah Sherman and comedy trio Please Don’t Destroy.

Cyrus also recently celebrated her milestone birthday of 30 on November 23 and reflected to Today about this time: “Somehow I am completely different and somehow I am exactly the same. … [I’m] now in my 30s. My 20s were so much fun — if you don’t believe me I think you can Google it — but it looks as fun as it was, but it’s a different kind of fun. I feel like whatever I had in my purpose to prove, I did that, and now it’s less about proving to others and proving to myself.”

“It won’t be different if you aren’t different,” she reflects on the new year. “Sometimes it’s the not doing that’s more important than the doing. It might be a good idea for people to make a list of what they wanna stop doing moreso than what they’re going to start.”

In the meantime, I’ll be eating up all of the sun-dewed blue water ripples and teasers Cyrus has been dropping while I await for the album to drop my birthday week (how timely).


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