Bob Marley ‘One Love Experience’ celebrates the legacy the reggae legend left behind

The Bob Marley: One Love Experience at Ovation Hollywood. (Photo: Chyna Photography)

The Bob Marley “One Love Experience” is a chilled-out celebration of the late great reggae icon.

“Why drink and drive if I can smoke and fly?” Bob Marley once said.

When it comes to art exhibitions and installations of fallen legends, we’re often met with excitement from enthusiasts and criticism from diehards. These exhibitions run the risk of being boring, tiring and trite, as much of what is known about a fallen artist is already out there. Yet, the Bob Marley One Love Experience knows that.

Present for a special 12-week residency at the new Ovation Hollywood (previously Hollywood & Highland), the One Love Experience is an immersive experience that celebrates Marley and lets you dive into his world and the legacies he left behind. The 15,000 square-foot experience features several rooms, such as an immersive One Love Forest with shrubbery, scents, a smoke machine and a giant blunt, to a Soul Shakedown Studio silent disco and a Beautiful Life play room dedicated to Marley’s love of football. His spirit and philosophies live on beyond his time, as this experience provides a new, light-hearted, and very Instagram-friendly take on celebrating the life of the late reggae legend.

Impressively, the experience offers up unseen photos and memorabilia of Marley. It was nice to see photographs and portraits of Marley proudly smoking up a joint in the One Love Forest, to his love of Jamaica and for putting his culture on the map throughout the late ’60s and ’70s. As a plaque read:

“Bob loved to party and he loved people to party with him. That kind of life loving celebration is at the very heart of his beliefs and his music.”


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The Bob Marley One Love Experience is at Ovation Hollywood until April 2023: CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS.


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