Keep what you love (including your passions) Sacred

Hi y’all,

It’s been awhile. And to be quite frank, I feel like I’ve been a complete mess.

I’ve learned that there are many seasons in our lives — some good and some bad — and it’s the little things and thoughts and actions from people that make the going through just a bit easier.

But it’s safe to say this past year hasn’t been one of the best for me (albeit the little joys and lots of love you see me frequently post). Many of you may have noticed I’ve gone quiet, refrained from posting as much as I used to, and don’t seem to be making as much music.

If only life was as simple as when we were kids, free to explore all our artistic whims and wishes!

It seems the older we get, life hits us pretty hard in the face and I feel like I’ve turned my entire life upside-down in order to usher in this new, uncomfortable era for myself.

I guess you could say I’ve been starting over — all the way from the f**king bottom of it all — but I’d rather do so than be led down a path I know wouldn’t make me happy long-term.

It’s true that I miss it. I miss it all and I miss you and I miss sharing and creating and openly expressing every little thing that excites me, feeling so alive in the thick of it all. It’s been hard to find the inspiration, the joy, and the wonder in those “little things” again. I’m afraid I’ve lost my rhythm and become jaded in this overly-saturated social media world where I don’t see any value in my efforts.

Having work that provided me stability and let me pursue my passions and curiosities with no pressure to make any money from it made me feel so free. It’s hard to enjoy my own writing or music without stressing about my own livelihood. There should never be any energetic pressure to enjoy your passions, because your passions are sacred and no money could ever bring you that.

Sometimes it takes a conversation with an old mentor who knew who you were before all of this, to remind you of who you are and always have been, to help steer yourself back into a path where you truly thrived, and still thrive.

I stumbled on a quote earlier today by Jim Carrey:

“You are ready and able to do beautiful things in this world. You will only ever have two choices: love or fear. Choose love, and don’t ever let fear turn you against your playful heart.”

Never let any money or financials ruin it for you. If your love is the sanctuary and therapy you feel so-called to create — your honest God-given or universally-borne gift that was born and bred in you to exude and share and express — I dare you not, ever, to let anything else take hold over it.

Here’s to staying strong despite rough times, to becoming mentally tough and emotionally brave to weather the storms, and to always come back to our bliss and centers to remind us why we’re here in the first place, why we’re meant to create, and what drives us.

Keep what you love sacred.

With love and honesty,



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