I told myself I was better off alone, I’m stronger alone, I’m more myself when I’m alone.

The truth is I never thought I’d be in a relationship.

Carlsbad State Beach, CA. 1/22/23. (Photo: @shutter_speed27)

Hell, it’s so true when they say love hits you when you least expect it. I’ve never been one to seek out love or relationships, and I’ve always been notoriously independent, making moves in this world and craving moments and conversations with like souls because that’s what my soul craved. And maybe a part of me misses that girl.

I’ve always loved days like Valentine’s Day because it’s all about celebrating love in all its capacities — for yourself, for another, given or received. It all starts within and loving yourself is just as important.

A friend recently told me, “It’s nice to see you on the other side.”

I’ve found and unlocked something so special with you, Alex. We’re just two big kids and my heart has felt so full opening myself up, and opening myself up to loving you. Perhaps I never would’ve known there was this piece in me that craved this level of love and kindness we see in each other.

I know we both don’t like to share too much, but it feels good to take a moment and celebrate us.


With love and honesty,


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