“Money, Money, Money” by The Khaki Scouts


Money, Money, Money

“Money, Money, Money” by The Khaki Scouts (Meg Frampton & Nick Price)

Do you remember he was heading one way
From the eyes of the world near the sea
He took me fishing on his boat one day
Rolled his eyes as he sat next to me
He said, “Darling, money don’t mean that much to me”
I said, “Mister, set me free.”

I told him ’bout all the things that I loved
All the plans that I had in my head
I told him ’bout that we’d have some good naking (?)
I can’t stop ’cause I sleep when I’m dead
He said, “Darling, your whole life will go by,
You’ll have all those pretty things to show
But nothing that was worth your time”

Baby with your eyes so wide
You’re doing what you think is right,
But you’re so, so off, you’re so far off…

imageThe Khaki Scouts are putting out their 12 days before Christmas holiday song special, releasing new songs they’ve created in the past months to the public in the next 12 days. This first song is a strong frontrunner for them–it’s got a great bluesy, country run matched with lyrics that convey their weary, traveling spirits that have passed with time and individual growth. Are you excited for what’s the come from this amazing duo, after the whole Meg & Dia-hiatus? I sure am! Keep updated with them on their Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/TheKhakiScouts


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